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Imzy | Account Profile

FireShot Capture 36 - (1) Profiles - Imzy - https___www.imzy.com_account_profiles.png

This is the account page of Imzy. There are 5 tabs under the account: the profile, general, payments, notifications, requests. On this profile page,…

Imzy | Notifications

FireShot Capture 35 - (1) Notifications - Imzy - https___www.imzy.com_notifications.png

This is the notification page of Imzy. On the top bar on most Imzy pages there is a bell graphic which serves as the user notifications. If you have a…

Imzy | Introduction Leaders

FireShot Capture 34 - Introductions - Imzy - https___www.imzy.com_introductions_leaders.png

This is the "leaders" section of the introductions community. ON this page it lists who the community leaders are and gives users the opportunity to…