New Collections: The Dark Lair and Imzy

We have two new collections in the S-MAP: The Dark Lair, which is a Tor-based social networking site, and Imzy, which is based in our home state of Utah. The latter is especially notable. Here’s our description of it:

Founded by ex-Reddit employee Dan Comas in 2016, Imzy is a social networking site dedicated to fostering civil communication among members. It is largely organized around topical groups. Members can join various groups based on what they are interested in. A key innovation in Imzy is the ability for a single user to have multiple pseudonyms associated with her/his account; these pseudonyms can be linked to specific groups, giving the user multiple identities across the site. Moreover, the site allows users to post anonymously, as well. The business model of Imzy is based on tipping: members can give each other monetary tips for their content, and Imzy takes a percentage. As of this writing, Imzy will not allow for advertising. The site’s headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah.