The S-MAP is seeking contributors!

Have you posted to Mastodon, been twisting on Twister, made a pseudonym on a Dark Web social network, or started your own diaspora* pod? Did you think Ello’s manifesto was spot on? Can you explain the difference between client-server, federated, and distributed network topologies? Do you spend your evenings reading about different FLOSS licenses? Are your friends and family tired of you demanding they leave Facebook? You might just be who we’re looking for.

We need help. We need people who want to blog about trends in alternative social media. We need people who want to interview makers of alternative social media. We could use people who love good metadata and want to add items to our growing list of collections. We will especially need screenshots taken from mobile devices. And we need people to post S-MAP news to alternative social media sites.

The S-MAP has been a labor of love, largely a two-person operation. It’s an opportune time for the project to grow with the right contributors. Are you one? Email rob AT and let’s talk!

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